Switch plate made from a Shamrock Tea tin.Switch Cover made from a vintage Del Monte Tomatoes tin.Light switchplate made from a vintage A&P Coffee tin.Switchplate made from a recycled Rose Brand Sugar tin.Antique Butternut Coffee tin made into a light switch cover.          

Q: Are these made from actual tins, or are they images that are glued and varnished (decoupage)? 
A: Yes, these are made from actual tins that once held brand name products. They are not paper that has been cut and glued onto plastic covers.

Q: How are the switch plates made?
A: After the tough task of finding the tins or pans, they are hand-cut and formed with specialized equipment. They are not manufactured or mass produced. Each is hand made by the artist.

Q: Do you make triple or quadruple plates and GFCI plates or covers for large rocker switches? 
A: We have a limited number of triple and quad switch plates in our shop. We no longer make larger (4-5-6 switch) rocker (GFCI) switch plates by request, because there are very limited choices for tins. Tins are hard to find, especially those with graphics that wrap around the tin, which would be required for these larger sized switch plates.

Q: Are the edges of the switch plates sharp?
A: Absolutely not! The edges of each switch plate are rounded and carefully filed.

Q: Can I get an electrical shock because these are metal?
A: As long as the electrical system in your house is updated and safe, you will not receive an electrical shock after installing the switch plates.

Q: Do I need to care for the switch plates or protect them with a sealant?
A: You can clean them with soapy water as needed. We do not suggest coating them with varnish. You will want to avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Q: I have a large tin collection I would like to sell. Would you be interested in buying my collection? 
Yes! We prefer to buy tins or pans in large lots. Not all tins will work for switch plates, so be advised we only buy tins that are desirable and are at least 5 inches high. CLICK HERE or CONTACT US. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE.

Q: Do you cut up rare tins?
A: No! We understand the value of rare tins. When we find what we think is a rare tin, we offer it for sale to collectors.

Q: I see an asterisk near the item numbers of several switch plates, what does this mean? 
An asterisk* near the item number means the tin may be available for us to make a switch plate in any configuration (single, double, triple, outlet, GFCI/rocker, push button or switch/outlet combo or even horizontal switch or outlet). However, availability depends on your configuration choice and size of available tin. CONTACT US with your choice and configuration needs. Please DO NOT buy one with an asterisk* and change your order, prices and available sizes vary. All special orders require prior approval.

Q: Do you have a paper catalog you can send me?
A: No. The inventory changes too often to print a catalog. The web site is always up-to-date and is the best way to view the switch plates.

Q: I love the switch plates, but I am uncomfortable buying them online, any suggestions? 
A: We understand completely! Unfortunately, they are only available online! Our website is completely secure, as indicated by the https:// in the browser address bar. Please check our references online and try buying one to build your trust. We are committed to 100% satisfaction and you will be very pleased with the quality of the switch plates, as well as excellent service! We are sure you will be back for more!

Q: Are all the switch plates you have on your website?
A: No. We have many more available! If you are looking for a particular brand or color scheme, please CONTACT US.

Q: I see switch plates on your site I love, but they have sold. Any chance these will become available again? 
A: There is always a chance we will find the same tin or something like it. We suggest you CONTACT US with your request and, if found, we will make it as needed BUT it is your responsibility to check back often. 

Q: Some switch plates are marked "Coming Soon," what does this mean exactly?
A: This means we either have the tin and it is in production and could be available within 1-2 business days. It could also mean we recently purchased the tin but have not yet received it. We suggest you keep checking back.

Q: Can you make a switch plate for me if I send you a tin?
A: Unfortunately I no longer accept tins for custom switch plates.

Q: Do you make phone jack covers?
A: No. Unfortunately, your phone jack is wired to the plastic cover on your wall. However, if your phone jack has a large rectangular shape and a removable cover, please view the GFCI COVERS page.

Q: Do you make outlet covers for a washer or dryer?
A: Yes, if you have a newer home with a singular round plug sized about 1-3/8" diameter, we have a few options. Please follow this link to view.

Q: Do you wholesale your switch plates to stores?
A: We no longer sell our switch plates direct to retailers due to the limited availability of tins and the handmade nature of the product.

Q: Do you ship to locations outside the United States?
A: We only ship to Canada because the same style electrical configurations as the United States are used. Shipping to Canada is flat rate $40.00 (for one or more) sent USPS Priority Mail International only. Note USPS is running  slowly due to Covid 19. Packages that normally take 6-10 days to arrive, are now taking as long as one month. Please take this into consideration prior to placing your order.

Q: Why do you punch only 2 screw holes on some of the double and triple switch plates?
A: I choose to punch limited screw holes to preserve the image on the tins. There is no reason to punch all the screw holes and your switch plate will hang fine with limited screws. Sometimes, I will punch all the screw holes if I believe the switch plate needs them. I cannot punch screw holes by request after you have made a purchase. When you buy your item, you agree to how it looks prior to purchase. This is a ridiculous issue, so please do not consider it a problem after you have made a purchase. Thanks for understanding! 

Q: Why are the baking pan switch plates prices higher than the advertising tin switch plates?
A: Old baking pans have become very hard to find within our budget over the last few years. With each USPS price increase, purchasing costs also increase. In order to continue this very popular product line, we made the tough decision to increase our purchasing budget (and prices) so we can continue to buy the baking pans and make these cool switch plates for you.

Q: Do you offer discounts, including senior or military discounts?
Due to the nature of my products and limited availability of material along with increasing costs to make these unique items, I do not give additional discounts. Prices on this website reflect an instant discount given for buying direct. Prices will be higher if purchasing my products on Etsy. Also, shipping USPS priority mail has become expensive, we believe our $10.99 flat rate is reasonable, so please do not ask us to reduce it.

Q: After I place my order, how quickly do you ship?
A: We ship 1-3 business days after your order is received. You will receive an email with tracking after your label is prepared. If you do not see it, please check your spam folder.  

Certified handmade, recycled and repurposed for your home.
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