Quad Switch Plates

Quad Switch Plate Outlet Combo Cover Made From US Lozenges Tin Quad Switch Plates Made From Vintage Pie Pans Quad Switch Plate With Outlets Made From Maxwell House Tin

We Specialize in Unusual Configurations!

Our quad switch plates are sized large at about 9-1/8" x 5-3/8" so please measure your space for fit. Due to size, quad switch plates are very limited since few tins fit this super large size. Price for quads start at $46.00. 40% off discount appears in cart.

Quad Switch Plates Made From Vintage Saltines Tins Quad Switch Plate Made From Barnums Animal Crackers Tins Quad Switch Plate Made From Vintage Charles Chips Tins

Switch plates are made from tins that were in use. Therefore, expect some surface wear. The desirably "distressed" surfaces, available on some switch plates, are mentioned in the description. We encourage special requests! An *asterisk near the item number indicates this may be available in any configuration, please CONTACT US to place a custom order. SCREWS NOT INCLUDED. Only ONE of each switch plate on this site is available for purchase. 

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