A&P Coffee tin single switch plate.


Last night the tins arrived. My husband hung them up.
They are TERRIFIC!!!!! SJ- Boca Raton, FL


Maxwell House Coffee tin double light switch cover.I had to share some shots of our wonderful switch plates that Tin Can Sally custom made for us. The price was right and she was great to work with. Thanks so much TCS! LW - Bucksport, ME
(as posted on the TCS  Facebook page) 

I would build a whole new house just to be able to use this switch plate! LOVE it! Thanks! JD - Stanhope, NJ 

Oreo Cookies tin double switchplate.The switch plates arrived this afternoon, and they are already on the walls. They look great! I can not thank you enough for all of your help and your outstanding customer service. I will definitely be passing your information along to others! KM - West Chicago, IL

I just wanted to let you know the plates came today and they are both as awesome as I knew they would be! Thanks for sending them so quickly and I will definitely check out your new "stores" for future purchases :-) GP - Ontario, Canada

Outlet cover made from a vintage Calumet Baking Powder tin.
I received 2 for christmas from my husband and love them!!
We'll have to convert our rocker switches , tho....but well worth it!! BG - Lusby, MD

My package arrived today and I immediately put them up! Thank you Tin Can Sally, I LOVE my switch plates!!! I now have them in every room of my house and I get so many compliments on them. They are unique and bring a whimsical element to an item that would usually be overlooked. Thanks also for a painless purchasing process and making sure they arrive in a timely manor. Very professional experience. NE - Goshen, NY

Public Benefit Boot Company tin reproduction double switch plate.What beautiful things you make, my whole house reflects your talent! SD - Comanche, OK  

They look great- thanks! TB - Lancaster, CA

Light switch plate made from a vintage A&P Coffee tin.These are all over my house!! They are fantastic!! What a new twist to kick up your decorating!! What a GREAT Mothers Day gift.....once you get one.....You're hooked!! KK - Montgomery, NY

I just viewed the old dutch cleanser outlet cover & I am so happy to be getting it! You always do such a great job making these & you are so prompt making & sending them as well. The maxwell house coffee & campbells soup outlet covers I ordered are so cute! I have never been disappointed with anything I have ordered from your store. Thank You -  PL - Minto, ND


Custom quad switch plate made from a Maxwell House French Roast tin provided.
We sent a tin of our own to be made into a switch plate. It was a bit dented but she made it beautiful and used the very best aspects of the tin! Thank-you, nice work!  
JS - Ayrshire, IA

I Absolutely love the switch Plates!!!! MH - Effingham, KS



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