Tin Can Sally Custom Switch Plates Made From Old Tin Cans
Tin Can Sally works closely with you to find the perfect switch plate for your home or business! Send us your tins or contact us for suggestions from our huge inventory of tins!


AAA First Aid Kit tin provided for custom made switch plates.Email us! Tell us what you need and send photos of the location you plan to hang your custom switch plate. We no longer accept tins sent to us, we will provide options from our inventory or try to find and purchase the tin you want. If we do buy a tin for your custom switch plate, a deposit is required. New customers are required to pay in full prior to the making of your switch plate.


Prices are based on our regular pricing. Expect additional costs if we are buying a tin for you.

Custom AAA First Aid tin GFCI cover made from a tin provided.Single $32.00 / $36.00
Double $36.00 / $40.00
Outlet $34.00 / $38.00
GFCI or Rocker $34.00 / $38.00
Triple $38.00 / $42.00
Combo prices start at $36.00*
Quad (no longer available)   

*Prices are based on combo configuration. Prices in RED indicate cost for a baking pan switch plate.


Horizontal outlet cover made by request from an old Red Man tobacco tin.We also make switch plates and outlet covers for your unusual horizontal or sideways switches or outlets. These can be made by request. We currently have a few in-stock horizontal switch plates and outlet covers, please search our online shop using the keyword, "horizontal."

Please allow 3 to 5 business days before your switch plate is made and ready to ship.

Recent Custom Projects:
Sideways outlet cover made from a Remington Ammunition tin provided.


The best way to get exactly what you want is to contact us with your request and tin preference. We have made many unique, one-of-a-kind switch plates for customers, like you! 

We also make many unique configuration switch plates by request from our huge in stock tin inventory! Simply contact us with your request and we will guide you through choosing the perfect tin for your configuration and decor! 

Here are a few examples of the really cool switch plates we can design for you!

Quad switch plate made from a Ballonoff Beverage tin tray, by request.Our in stock inventory includes single, double and triple switch plates. We no longer make quad or 4 toggle switch plates by request. Note these larger switch plates require tins with large images that wrap around the tin. Few tins work for this configuration. We do have a few in stock options available right now. 
Vintage Crisco baking pan custom made into a horizontal rocker switch plate.

Horizontal or sideways rocker switch plates are made to order. We always consider the image prior to cutting the hole for these larger switches.

Combo outlet switch plate made from a Del Monte Tomatoes tin by request.

Looking for a combo cover but don't see one from our in stock inventory that matches your decor? We will gladly make one for you from our huge Double outlet cover outlet cover custom made from a Kelloggs Rice Krispies tin.inventory. 

We make most double outlet covers and double rocker or GFCI covers by request. Ask about viewing our huge inventory of tins. Notice the holes remove a lot of image, so we always ask you choose your tins wisely.

 Plain baking pans custom made into a GFCI rocker cover and a triple switch plate.

Our inventory includes some plain, unmarked pans, with or without texture. These can be made into switch plates by request! 


Please visit our Terms & Conditions page to read our policies prior to placing your custom order.

We specialize in "problem" switch plates,
like large holes or uneven tile in your wall
or switches and outlets too close to your trim. 

Single switch plate made wide from a Ballonoff Flour tin to cover a large hole in the wall. Vintage Swans Down baking pan custom made for an outlet too close to trim.

We can turn 2 single switch plates in close
proximity into 1 large beautiful work of art!

Quad sized switch plate with 3 switches made from a vintage Py-O-My cookie sheet pan.Fragrant Meadow Seed tin made large to cover 2 single switch plates.

Our custom service makes finding the perfect switch plate easy! 

Quad switch plate with 3 switches and one outlet custom made from a Tootsie Roll tin.Unique triple combination switch plate custom made from a vintage Red Owl Coffee tin.

If you have unusual configurations, space limitations, electrician
mistakes or you simply want something different . . . 

Contact Tin Can Sally now!

Certified handmade, recycled and repurposed for your home. 

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