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Reproduction Switch Plates

We use an old plain baking pan to make our reproduction switch plates.We use embossing dies designed with our own fictitious brand names on them.The final product is a reproduction baking pan switch plate.

We use an old pan + embossing dies + ingenuity = a reproduction baking pan switch plate!

We recycle old, used unmarked baking pans into switch plates and outlet covers! We use our own copyrighted designs and fictitious brand names, each embossed onto old pans, replicating the pans Grandma used to bake cakes and breads in 50 to 60 years ago! In these tough economic times, we thought a lower priced product line with the same attributes of the real thing would benefit you, the buyer and, perhaps, put a smile on your face! They are still individually cut, embossed and formed by hand. No 2 are exactly alike! Reproduction switch plates are DISCONTINUED and now limited availability until they are all gone. Please only purchase the available quantity noted or contact us to check the status of our remaining inventory.

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