Vintage Ekco Safety Ring Pot Cover Double Switch Plate Limited Edition Round LE-0067-XX

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All of my light switch covers are made by hand from advertising tins and baking pans. Most are one of a kind! I encourage special requests and I can make unique and unusual configuration switchplates!

STYLE: Double Switch

Made from an actual pot cover once used to save room on the stove (by stacking pots on top of pots), while keeping food warm. These were popular in the 1940s and 50s. Did it work? Probably not, but they make really cool switch plates. I rarely find these and they sell fast, so hurry!! Edition size is anticipated to be 20. Signed & Numbered By the Artist! Rare Find! Size is about 6-1/4" in diameter (SKU: LE-0067-XX)

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Note, we were able to save the little handle and add it onto the switch plate. Pretty cool, eh? These smooth surface pot covers are really hard to find! Today is your lucky day, grab this while you can! Pot cover pictured is for illustrative purposes only, it is not included with your purchase.

CONDITION: Because these are made from tins and pans that were in use, please expect some surface wear, such as nics or stains. Please view photo for significant wear, if applicable (photo shows actual item you will receive). Surface wear is often found and acceptable on very old tins.

OTHER: Screws not included.

An asterisk* near the item number means the tin may be available for us to make a switch plate in any configuration, please contact us!

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