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Rocker Light Switch Plate Or GFCI Cover Made From A Cadburys Chocolate Tin GFC-3006*

  • $ 33.00

All of my light switch plate covers are made by hand from advertising tins and baking pans. Most are one of a kind! I encourage special requests and I can make unique and unusual configuration switchplates!

STYLE: GFCI or Rocker (can be either)

Our switch plates are known for making ugly go away. Say goodbye plastic and hello beautiful! Size is about 4" x 5-1/4"  (SKU: GFC-3006) [R17]

Note this has blemishes on the left edge. Please view photos prior to purchase!

CONDITION: Because these are made from tins that were in use, please expect some surface wear, such as nics or stains. Please view photo for significant wear, if applicable (photo shows actual item you will receive). Surface wear is often found and acceptable on very old tins.

OTHER: Screws not included.

An asterisk* near the item number means the tin may be available for us to make a switch plate in any configuration, please contact us!

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